Welcome to X-L-N-T Worldwide Management Group (X-L-N-T Models)
X-L-N-T has been formed by the merger of five model agencies and managements and the new group will from January 2020 go under this name.
We now have our administrative base in Bangkok, Thailand but are working worldwide due to our unique online concept, and with administrative offices
in USA, China, Australia and England. The group is taking advantage of the knowledge and connections from all the five companies as most of the
people from these now are working for X-L-N-T, and that is all from bookers to CEO's.

Model Excellence
Model Excellence is the major agency that acquired the other four, and X-L-N-T President is the former CEO of Model Excellence.
The agency was found in Japan in 2001 and worked mainly offline with personal contacts for many years.
The new online concept is based on the working model of Heartland Model Agency.

Heartland Model Agency
Founded in Sweden in 2006 by Jorgen Jorgensen and Emma Hassel, Heartland quickly became a household brand in Europe and in USA, foremost in New York.
Mr Jorgensen is a well known figure in the industry as President of New York Fashion Awards and other projects, and is now the model coordinator of X-L-N-T.
In 2015 he developed the online concept X-L-N-T now is working according to.

DreamLine Models
DreamLine was a Chinese agency that was founded in Beijing in 2014. The agents, bookers and the former CEO, now Site Manager, are all with us and operates
out of China especially towards the Chinese and Korean markets.

Today, all are one company under the name X-L-N-T Worldwide Management Group, together with the other two agencies and any future acquirements.
Some of our clients
These are some that our models been working with over the years:

Fashion Weeks
New York Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
Milan Fashion Week
Berlin Fashion Week
Copenhagen Fashion Week
Stockholm Fashion Week
Lisboa Fashion Week
Singapore Fashion Week
Tokyo Fashion Week
Hong Kong Fashion Week
Bangkok Fashion Week
Bangalore Fashion Week
Seoul Fashion Week
Los Angeles Fashion Week
Miami Fashion Week
Atlantic City Fashion Week
DC Fashion Week (Washington DC)
Las Vegas Fashion Week
Boston Fashion Week
Toronto Fashion Week
Vancouver Fashion Week
Thailand Fashion Week
Laos Fashion Week
West Fashion Week, Puerto Rico
Cesar Galindo
Vivienne Hu
Katya Zol
Max Tan
Zang Toi
Orlando Dugi
David Tupaz
Daniel Hernandez
Anna Sui
Pamela Quinzi
Lawrence Pizzi
Richie Rich
Mondo Guerra
Helen Oro
Chanel Elkayam
Patricia Michaels
Murielle Kabile
Nicholas D'Aurizio
Soni Soho
Victoria's Secret
West Coast Leather
Cocoa Jeans
Human Element Square
Tapti Tapan
Yana Chervinska
Shefali Couture
Laila Wazna
Saint James
Nikki Lund
Corey Rogers
Victor Hue
Les Tempes de Cerises
Aurelia Hoang
Frank Danican
Ron Ramos
Samina Mughal
Victoria Henley
Barron Wise
Jude Charles
Delvin McCray
Miriam Budet
Charlie Sotomora
Vanetta X Geraldus Sugeng

Gil Santucci
La Maison du Couturier
Dorian Negrau
Roenna designs
Claire Bee
Manuel Palferez
Paula Baumgartner
Martha Fadel
Alexandra Popescu-York
Lars Wallin
Sarah Jassir
Kinda Touma
Skip Pas
Belotti Couture
Aliza Couture
Mary CoCo
Future Heretics
Parri designs
Fritz und Axel
Ilma of Sweden
Dramatik Fanatic
Edwing D'Angelo
Tina Hughes
Andres Aquino
Maty Machado
Tom SoHung
Tamora Lee
Victoria Geaney
Jamie Estelle
Gerli Liivamergi
Jhony Calderon
Ana Popa
Lara Muller
Dovile Riebschlager
Ciputra Fashion Collective
Mila Reya
Red Berry Woman
Sylwia Romaniuk
Marquies Smith
One World Peace
Jason Christopher Peters
Leanne Marshal
YiLing Li
Hugo Boss
Calvin Klein
Eva Dixon
Barli Asmari
Iliana Quandor
Seanna Sharpe
Adriana Echevarria
Myriam L'Arriere
Konjo Couture
Duke & Winston
Stacey Ann-Lawes
Michele Taras
Monica teh label
Leandro Mulet
Jason C. Peters
Suzette Opara
Richard Q
Alexander Wang
Jacques Isaac
Oliver Swan
Margarete Artes
Arthlene Legair
Adrian Alicea
Patricia Ayala
Tishynah Buffalo
Lauren Tormenta
Decy Tratomona
Grayling Purnell
Roxet Style & Fashion
Fanny Tsai
Brenda Sun
Wang LiLing
Bebe's and Liz's
Young Socialites
Diata Wallace
Emily Henry
Lyle Smith
Nia Michelle
Walid Fehme
Rick Bailey
Michael Lombard
Burning Guitars

Harper's Bazaar
Marie Claire
Schon Magazine
StyleCruze Magazine
Trend Prive Magazine
Madame Figaro
MILK Magazine
Rayli Magazine
Jiating Mag
Spotlight Magazine
L'Vegue Magazine
Selfie Mag
Fashion Avenue News
ifashion Mag
Heartland Model Mag
intElegance Mag
Revenge Fashion Mag
Vicissitude Magazine
Fuzion Magazine
Dreamy Magazine
Dezire Magazine
Myssfit Magazine
Kidfash Magazine
IndiKidz Magazine
Amazing Fashion Magazine
Surreal Magazine
Psychology Today
Boy's Magazine
VIVIER Fashion Magazine
OPIUM RED Magazine
VIGOUR Magazine
PUMP Magazine
Farbe Magazine
Ellements Magazine
GMARO Magazine
Eclair Magazine
ELLAS Magazine